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The Wichita Stamp Club is a non-profit club made up of philatelists furthering the enjoyment of their hobby, sharing their interests with others and learning about the numerous fields in stamp collecting.

Membership is open to everyone interested in stamp collecting.


Location: Alford Branch Library 3447 Meridian, Wichita

Visitors are always welcome at stamp club meetings!

Meetings vary in July and December; please check our program schedule for specific dates and places.

Meetings start with a brief discussion of club business. Afterward, a formal program is presented-- a talk, film, slide program or demonstration. Programs range over a wide variety of subjects, covering U.S. stamps, postal history, foreign stamps, postcards, topical collections and "how to get started."

In addition, club auctions and bid boards are regularly scheduled, allowing members to sell and buy stamps, tools, covers, books and other philatelic items.

Before meetings, members gather early to buy from circulating sales books, to trade, or just to talk about stamp collecting.

The Stamp Club generally meets at 6:00 p.m. on the first and third Thursdays of each month.
February 7 th Program:

*** 37 Years in the Stamp Business presented by John Findling ***


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Members receive a monthly newsletter announcing club programs, area stamp shows, member ads ... along with stamp gems and recent discoveries.

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The Wichita Stamp Club is a chapter of the American Philatelic Society and a chapter of both the Oklahoma and the Transmississippi Philatelic Societies.

Becoming a Member

Applications are available at meetings and at the Philatelic Sales window of the Downtown Wichita Post Office, or you can request one at the addresses below. Complete a form and bring it with you to a meeting, or mail it with a check for your dues.

Annual dues are:

Adult .................................. $8.00
Youth (under 18) ................ $2.00
Family .............................. $10.00

Dues must accompany application. If an application is denied or withdrawn, payment will be refunded.

Our mailing address is:
Wichita Stamp Club
P.O. Box 1427
Wichita, KS 67201

'Net contacts
President: Bob Cairns CairnsBob@aol.com
Vice President: Ernie Webb Ewebb02@aol.com


The Wichita Show

The Stamp Club sponsors and organizes an Annual Stamp Show and Exhibition in August. Many stamp dealers are present, allowing club members and other area collectors to converse about philately as well as to buy and sell. A special section of the show is reserved for young and beginning collectors. This area contains stamps, covers, and collecting supplies at nominal cost, and free information. The section is staffed by Stamp Club volunteers.

Clicking on the link below will also bring you to announcements about the up coming shows such as the

Wichita Stamp Show

in August, 2018

Tulsa Stamp Show

in April, 2018


in May, 2018


in June, 2018


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