Wichita Stamp Club -- July 1953

The Wichita Stamp Club was once affiliated with the YMCA of Wichita, as can be seen on the cover in Figure 1. What is interesting about the cover, is not the fact that the Club was affiliated with the YMCA. The cover notes "400th Consecutive Meeting, Wichita Stamp Club, July 10, 1953.

Figure 1-Wichita Stamp Club Cover of 1953

The one page Bulletin enclosed was Vol. 21, No. 7 of July 1953. The Bulletin noted that the Club was a SPA Branch, No. 1 and APS Branch, No. 134. President was Frank DeBusmann; 1st V-President was Harold Linscott; 2nd V-President was Harry Mehl; Treasurer was Mildred Graves; and Don Higgins served as Secretary. The following was noted in the Bulletin:

"MEETING NO. 400, FRIDAY, JULY 20, 1953:
This meeting represents another Milestone in the history of the Wichita Stamp Club, being the 400th consecutive meeting since the club was reorganized twenty-one and one-half years ago, on December 14, 1932. Col. Harrie S. Mueller was the first president of the present Wichita Stamp Club and officially took over his duties on January 10, 1933. The meetings were held on the second Friday of each month until January 1939, when it was voted to hold meetings twice each month, which has been the custom since that time.
"The program for the 400th meeting will be given by Lee Cornell, who will talk on a country with the name beginning with the letter 'A'. It might be well to sharpen up on your 'A' countries, because there will be a prize given to the member who first identifies the name of the country under discussion."

"MEETING NO. 401, FRIDAY, JULY 24, 1953:
It may be hot on this date, but don't let the heat keep you away because the speaker will be Mable Hunt, who will tell us about her visit to England during the past month. Her story about how she happened to go to England and who entertained her will be an interesting tale to hear.


"We hope you will be surprised to receive this bulletin mailed from Europe, which is something new for the Wichita Stamp Club. We think it is rather appropriate that it should be mailed by our first president, Col. Harrie S. Mueller, who with Mrs. Mueller is winding up a tour of Europe. Our thanks to Harrie for taking the trouble to accommodate the Club in this manner."

The cover is franked with a 12 Lire stamp of Italy, Scott #555 of a sailor steering boat, issued Sept. 16, 1950. Anyone in our current membership planning on a trip abroad, let us know maybe we could have a Bulletin (Newsletter) sent to our members. The initials SPA and APS relate to Society of Philatelic Americas (SPA) and American Philatelic Society (APS). We sill hold Branch No. 1 with SPA even though it exists in name only and we are life member chapter of the APS. We no long have two Vice Presidents elected as officers, but we have one Vice President Dick Rudzinski that does the work of three Vice Presidents (Program, Bid Board, Circuit Books, Webmaster, Kiloware, etc.). We are now at Volume 72 in our effort to communicate to our members with this Newsletter (Bulletin).

The program presented at the 400th meeting on July 10, 1953, was by Lee Cornell. As most of you know Lee designed a special cover, copyrighted in 1942 of a mule representing the US and kicking Adolph Hitler. The cover denotes "Heel" Hitler!! and is commonly referred to as a "Kicking Mule Cover". The cover was utilized during and after WWII. Figure 2, below is such a cover, that was with the above cover on the Stamp Club.

Figure 2-Kicking Mule Cover by Lee Cornell

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