Neal, Kansas

by Neal Danielson, Editor

Out of curiosity, more than a desire to start a new collection, a cover was purchased off eBay post marked from Neal, Kansas. Neal is located on Highway 54 about 11 miles east of Eureka Downs. The cover bears a circular date stamp of November 28, 1902 and is franked with a 2 George Washington stamp (Scott #279Bd) with a fancy 'Star' cancel (Figure 1).

Figure 1-Advertising Cover-Neal, Kansas, Nov. 1902

The cover is an advertisement from a doctor's office in Neal. When you tour the small towns throughout the country, you often find that strange items were available from the country store. In this particular instance the doctor in Neal, sold "House Paint" -- Now That's Interesting!! The cover denotes "After Ten Days Return to B. L. Hale, M. D., Pure Drugs, Paints, Oils. Neal, Kas." The "Best Prepared Paint, Inside White, Ready For Use", was manufactured by Heath & Milligan Mfg. Co., Chicago, Ill.

As a former healthcare employee, I guess that 'painting' may be just 'what the doctor ordered' or maybe Doctor Hale was providing some advice to the Reverend Houston in Louisburg, Kans.

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Posted Aug 29, 2004 RR